7 Natural Tips to Kiss PMS Goodbye For Good


I grew up in a volatile home. It was filled with eruptions of anger that surged forth on a regular monthly basis. My Mother’s eruptions occurred like clockwork and when they did the rest of us could be found walking on eggshells

Whether or not we were cautious enough never seemed to matter, the eruptions happened anyway. My earliest model of a woman displayed an uncontrollable, unstable, and intensely emotional nature. 

She was one person on Saturday and a completely different person by Monday. The highs and the lows confused me. What was normal? My father would forewarn us that she was about to get her period. It was hush- hush but we all knew she was PMSing. 

They told me, “The apple doesn't fall far from the tree” and so I feared. I fought hard against the belief that I would be like that. The quickest way to lite me up was to say “You’re just like your mother.” I would burn in anger for days. 

When my desire to thrive became bigger than my self-pity I decided to become a woman on my own terms. The path was not always clear but I trusted the process. 

I built myself brand new from the ground up. I tapped into the collective mother (aka Goddess). When I realized I was co-creating my life I was able to forgive myself and my mom. I became the woman I wanted to be. 

I learned that emotions are not good or bad. They just are. I realized that extreme mood swings, uncontrollable anger, and instability were not inevitable for me. Deep down I knew that being a woman was not a biological curse. PMS didn't have to be a part of my story.

I want to tell you that you are already whole, divinely-designed, and completely lovable as you are. You can rewrite your story too. You can feel more balance, peace, and clarity by working with your body and not working against it. You can be cleansed and free of old patterns. 

Should the common female experience of PMS really be classified as a syndrome? Or is it possible that so many women experience the same premenstrual symptoms because our society fails to honor and celebrate the true power and spiritual potential of the menstrual cycle?

Premenstrual syndrome is what happens when your true needs are not being met. Like so many women you've been fed the menstruation story of shame, guilt, and suppression. Where is the honor that our first female Rite-of-Passage truly deserves?

You don’t suffer from a syndrome. In fact, there is nothing wrong with you. Your body is communicating to you. Listen and respond. 

7 Natural Tips to Kiss PMS Goodbye for Good: 

Rest: Don’t try to keep up your usual pace. Were you raised in a fast paced competitive environment where accomplishment was valued more than down time? Start to glorify rest. Make it important. When your body asks for it be ready to respond. When you surrender to your body’s needs you will actually increase productivity and creativity. 

Seek solitude: Spend quiet time alone in nature. The more you connect with the natural rhythm of the earth and her seasons the more easily your cycle will balance. There is an order in the wild that is soothing, reassuring, and balanced.

Feel: Let your emotions surface without judging or analyzing them. We are emotional beings. The emotions that arise before we bleed act as messengers. Feelings are powerful, meant to be fully experienced, and can be used to grow personally and spiritually. On the contrary, stifled or blocked emotion creates blockages that limit your potential. 

Ritual: Create a ritual you love and look forward to. Take a hot bath or a long walk alone in the forest. Make a special tea blend or spend ten minutes alone with the moon. Practice gentle yoga or meditation. Start a satisfying and consistent source of self-nourishment.

Journal: Write down what is going on in your life. Write what you are grateful for and what you are working on. Self-reflection will illuminate patterns, challenges, and breakthroughs that you have experienced. Realizations abound.

Moon Gaze: You and the moon operate on the same rhythm. Spend a few minutes with her every night for one month +. The results are nothing short of miraculous. Look forward to increased intuition as well as decreased stress and anxiety.

Release: The emotions that arise before your period are clear indicators of situations, habits, or patterns that you’re being called to release. This is why they arise when they do. When you begin to bleed you’re given the perfect opportunity to let go of whatever no longer serves you. 

I’m not saying it’s going to be glitter and roses all the time. Tough days and challenges are a part of life. However, I am positive that you can attain balance and instead of dreading that time of the month you can look forward to menstruation as a time of guidance, heightened intuition, and spiritual growth.

I'd love to hear from you: Which one of these tips can help you to find more peace every month? Do you have another tip or ritual that helps you stay balanced? 

With So Much Love,

Jillian Xx



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