On Freedom and New Motherhood

You're in high demand now. You're needed in a way you've never been needed before. A tiny being is dependent on YOU for all of his or her needs.

These needs are not as small as they are. Instead, they are mega time consuming. You are likely sleep deprived, without a shower, and worn-beyond-worn-out.  It's bliss, it's craziness, it IS a roller coaster.

Whether you asked for it or not, your mind is spinning, your body is healing, and your life as you know it has vanished into the ether. I assure you that you are not selfish when you have the thought, “What about me?”

 I had them. Oh, I had plenty of them.

 Initially it was: What about my shower? My breakfast? My sanity? What about lunch and dinner? The laundry? The dishes? 

Then it was: What about my workout? What about a moment in the bathroom, undisturbed? What about a morning run? A journal entry? Some yoga? What about my relationships? My work? A simple phone call with a friend? Will free time ever exist in my life again?

I’ll let you in on the good news…

It gets easier. It gets easier every single day. Thank Goddess it does. It will become your 'new normal.' You will become a balancing act, a magician of sorts, a completely transformed being on a brand new rhythm. Go with it sister and enjoy the ride. In my world, what was initially felt as a loss of freedom, turned out to become one of the most liberating experiences of my life.

To find out how I’ve experienced freedom through my journey into Motherhood click here to listen to the Jillian Anjali podcast. In this episode I share my story: New Mama: Restriction to Freedom.

I believe mainstream American culture misses the mark in preparing women for childbirth and the challenges of becoming a new mom. This is one of the driving reasons behind my work. We can learn so much from the stories we tell one another. I am so grateful for my ability to share with you today!

Big Love,

Jillian Xx


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