Gabriels' Story

The ‘Unhindered Birth’ of Gabriel

Born to this Earth on January 17, 2014 at 8:22 A.M.

Just Aaron and I stood at the gate.


          His last full moon in my womb was the Wolf Moon of January 2014. My partner, Aaron, and I made love before falling asleep. We hadn’t made love with one another in two weeks or more. It was a cold, hard winter and we were in the process of a big move. I wanted to be settled into our new home. The night Gabriel decided to begin his journey ‘earthside’ was the first night that Aaron and I made love in our new space.

          The contractions or ‘rushes’ began sometime in the night. They were gentle at first and gradually became stronger. I woke up with the moon shining down directly above us. I surrendered to Her rhythm with feelings of excitement and anticipation. Around 6:00 a.m. the rushes were too strong to stay in bed. I got onto my feet, breathing heavily, and Aaron asked if the baby was coming. He asked if ‘today was the day.’ Although it was obvious, I answered ambiguously.

          I went to the bathroom and labored on the toilet. This felt relieving. My body began to open up more. I labored on my hands and knees on the bathroom mat. Aaron asked if I wanted him to run water in the tub. “No, I don’t think it is time yet. It might be too soon,” I answered. The rushes were becoming stronger.

          Aaron went to get me orange juice and a bucket because I thought I would throw up. I didn’t throw up. I ran the shower instead. I wanted to see if I could handle the intensity better alone so I asked Aaron to leave. He was outside the bathroom and burned frankincense, myrrh, and played the singing bowl for us. This was Divine. It soothed and comforted us.

          I called for Aaron and he came back. I had lost my mucous plug. I had been getting on my hands and knees for contractions. Between each I would lie down on my right side and ‘sleep’ in the tub for what must have been a short 60 seconds. Though the breaks between rushes were getting shorter, I was ‘sleeping’ deeply each time that I laid down to rest. I let the hot shower rain down on my earth-quaking body.

          With each contraction I screamed. I screamed pretty wild. I screamed at the top of my lungs. I was high-pitch screaming and low-pitch moaning. I just kept on screaming. I screamed and yelled and hollered. I had never made noise like this before. I went with it. It wasn’t a zen meditation. It wasn’t a sweet chant of Om. It was uncontrollable and I just let myself scream. I screamed so much that I found myself comforting my son. I said, “We’re OKAY, we’re OKAY,” over and over. At the end of each rush I tried to focus on my breath. Then the intensity vanished and I was able to lie down and sleep.

           After one particular rush I was thrown into a vortex of women. I was in my Mother, in my grandmother, in my great grandmother… and then came another rush.

           I pulled myself up on the bar in the shower. It’s one of those safety bars on the shower wall. I thought “Thank You! Thank You!” (It was installed for the sweet older woman that owned the house prior to us). I squatted and pulled on this bar. I shook. My legs shook. My hips shook. My back and spine shook. I even shook my head. I felt as if the whole Earth was shaking in me.

           I began to feel a different urge. It was the urge to bear down on each contraction. I reached down to feel my Yoni and something round was there! I became very calm and quiet. I reached down and felt it again. It was my child’s water bag. It was still full of water and starting to come out. I became relieved and excited.

          The cycle of screaming, pulling on the bar, turning the hot water on, and then leaning back on Aaron continued for a while. Aaron turned the water ON for each rush and OFF for peace during each rest.

          A few contractions later my baby’s little head came down a bit. I didn’t push at all. I let my body go and slowed my breathing. I said, “Aaron he’s here, he’s here.” Aaron jumped in the tub and felt our son’s little head. It came out further into the bath water. Gabriel’s face was toward my sacrum. This is exactly as I had envisioned him coming. “I feel his face,” Aaron said. “Don’t pull, don’t pull,” I exclaimed. Aaron wasn’t pulling I just needed to make sure. “Okay, Just his shoulders now.”

          Gabriel slipped out the rest of the way with ease and an incredible, inexplicable relief. We both held our child together in the little blue bathtub of our new home. We didn’t have much cord length so initially we couldn’t see our son’s face. We hadn’t named him yet at this point but it was within moments that we knew he was Gabriel.  I didn’t want to pull on him too hard because I didn’t want to stress the cord. We turned our son over to look at him. He let out a cry and stared at us wide-eyed.

          We fell in Love with Gabriel. And continued to fall in Love…

          Eventually we made our way to bed and Aaron put down a shower curtain and some blankets. What a sweet little nest. We stayed in bed together in bliss. Gabriel was born at 8:22 a.m. and had come so quickly! The whole process seemed like twenty minutes! I couldn’t believe the sun was so bright as it shined down through our bedroom window.

          The placenta came out at around 10:00 a.m. I had to squat down while Aaron held Gabriel so that I could focus all of my energy on releasing it. Out it came, what a relief! We placed it in a bowl and left our sweet child attached to his ‘tree of life’ for about six hours. Later on, I ate some of the placenta raw. I covered it in honey and surprisingly it had no taste! I had many plans for the placenta prior to birth. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever witnessed. Immediately after cutting it I wished I had looked at it in perfection a bit longer. Maybe next time we will tincture or encapsulate it instead so that I can receive it's healing benefit for an extended period of time. 

          After six hours of leaving Gabriel attached to the placenta I felt the urge to move around the house a bit and we decided to have a cord burning ceremony to make this movement easier.

          Aaron and I knew that Gabriel needed to come into this world gently, at home, with just the two of us present. There were many signs along the way that revealed the need for us to take this new path. We were born a family in a quiet and ‘unhindered’ way. It was the most precious day of my life. I was born a Mother and my heart surged with Divine Love. What a miracle. 

Thank You for Witnessing Our Truth.

Blessed Be,

Jillian Anjali


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