Better Birth through Maya Abdominal Massage

“We are blessed.” I thought to myself as Dr. Rosita Arvigo’s hands, gently yet firmly, circled my pregnant belly. As she worked I drifted off into the heart of the jungle.

 I wasn’t in the jungle however. I was in the middle of a beautiful conference center, surrounded by my eager colleagues and sisters. We had come from many distances, from all seasons of life, and from many professions so that we could absorb the wisdom that Rosita and our wise teachers had to share. At 27 weeks into my first pregnancy, I happened to be the very fortunate woman of choice for our second trimester treatment demonstration.

Rosita’s hands worked my lower and upper abdominal cavity. She checked my uterine position to find it was slightly leaning to the left. She gently worked to correct this misalignment by utilizing techniques that were taught to her during her apprenticeship with renowned Maya shaman Don Elijio. While lying on my side Rosita examined my sacrum and checked its range of motion.

My first pregnancy had been incredibly enjoyable and I had the honor to enjoy this life altering training. Feeling armed with inspiration, my love for maya massage rekindled, I continued to provide maya “self-care” massage to myself for the remaining weeks of my pregnancy.

Most nights, after showering, I would relax onto my back and use my hands to gently lift my growing uterus. The peace, relaxation, and nourishment provided me with deep relief. It also provided me with a sacred ritual to further connect me with the energy of my child. A combination of excitement and faith told me that birthing would be an easy, natural, Rite-of-Passage for me.

The mid January full moon bathed us in her light as the contractions came and went like the tide. Grandmother Moon was in control of these waves. I surrendered freely to her with trust and was able to sleep through most of the night. At 6 a.m. the contractions were too intense to remain in bed. I went to the bathroom and labored on my hands and knees before deciding to get into the shower. Little did I know that it would be a quick two hours and twenty-two minutes until I would hold my child for the first time.

This was my first labor and I had heard from many that it might be long! I birthed into a Mother like a Warrior Goddess. I birthed into Motherhood Fiercely in Love 'unhindered' with just my loving partner present. I birthed in ecstasy and in bliss. I held my child in my arms after having spiraled down the ancestral vortex of Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and beyond. Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually I had experienced a ‘Better Birth’.  I define it to be a better birth because it was better than I could have imagined. It was pleasurable and painful. It was a culmination of my life thus far. It was profound and simultaneously the ordinary process of Woman. The experience left me empowered. That is the mark of a better birth. 

In retrospect there was an extraordinary amount of preparation. Envisioning and planning a better birth means digging deep into the subconscious mind to release the thoughts, beliefs, and opinions of others that may be limiting you from your highest potential. Planning for a better birth means confronting the fear as it arises. Planning for a better birth can begin on a physiological, mental, or spiritual level.

How can the Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy prepare You for a Better Birth?

Maya Abdominal Therapy provides the opportunity for the following physiological, emotional, and spiritual changes.

-Optimizes uterine positioning*

-Optimizes fetal positioning*

-Optimizes pelvic alignment

-Optimizes sacral movement*

-Optimizes pelvic flexibility*

-Increase in oxytocin and endorphin release that encourages bonding with child*

-The resolve of limiting emotional blockages/beliefs prior to birthing*

-Increase confidence & faith in the natural process of woman*

*All of these factors help to facilitate a shorter and easier birth experience for mama and child.

How else can Maya Abdominal Therapy Help Women?

The noninvasive maya massage techniques work to align the uterus, hips, and sacrum, increase blood flow, lymph flow, and the flow of ‘chi’ (known as life force energy) through the abdominal center. By increasing the flow of energy the body, mind, and spirit are given an incredible opportunity for deep healing and renewal. 

 Specifically for mother's-to-be, maya abdominal therapy helps by providing relief of round ligament pain, acid reflux, constipation, etc. Also, as a mama nears the end of her pregnancy there are specific techniques for beginning to stimulate the onset of labor.

 The Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy has a vast range of healing benefits for women in all seasons of life. Please log on to to find a practitioner or training near You!

Big Love,

Jillian Xx


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