8 Habits of Highly Successful Women


Although the feelings that create success are as diverse as our fingerprints, I believe that examining the habits of fulfilled women can motivate and inspire us. Most women who rock-it-out on the daily claim that feelings such as satisfaction, joy, contentment, connection, and love are what creates success in their lives. What are the top 8 habits of women who embody success?

1. Successful women are highly tuned into their bodies. Not only are these women able to listen to their bodies, they also have the ability to respond with love and self-care. They use the messages of their bodies as a direct form of guidance. Author and speaker Kate Northrup suggests when making financial decisions, women feel into their bodies (the hips specifically) to make the right choices the first time around.

2. Successful women prefer collaboration to competition. They cultivate sisterhood. They recognize the importance of authentic connection. They love it, cherish it, and are renewed by it. Successful women know that it’s not about stepping on others to get to the top. They know there is enough for everyone and they’d rather delight in the decadence together.

3. Successful women are raw. They are authentic and true to their heart. They are not afraid to be seen and heard for who they really are. They recognize that they are unique and that there is no one else to be except their true and awesome self.

4. Successful women know how to be still and receive. They accept gifts, compliments, and money with ease. They can open up to the practice of ‘non-doing’ and quiet the urge to engage in (often) fruitless action. Outward action is necessary, but the opposite energy of receiving is equally important.

5. Successful women are persistent. They carry their aspirations for the long run.  They can see through the challenges and overcome the obstacles. They know that everyday habits, though small in the moment, ultimately create the substance of their lives. These women are strong and press on despite all odds.

6. Successful women practice gratitude. These women align their perspective with a life of fullness and abundance. They recognize that life is a precious gift and seek new reasons to feel appreciation.

7. Successful women have faith. They have faith in the process of life. They have faith in themselves and in unseen forces that guide them into embodying their highest potential.

8. Successful women laugh a lot. They don’t take it too seriously. They love all the side-splitting-cheek-burning laughter they can get. All of their ambition, passion, and goals aside they see that the journey is filled with more joy when they lighten themselves (and others) with outbursts of contagious laughter.



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