Hi, I'm Jillian.


I’m a writer, healer, and a transformational coach, who helps soulful women with pleasure, satisfaction, and money. I am most known for my six-week group program, Permission to Prosper, where I help women transform their relationship with money, by accessing and harnessing the power of their sexual energy.

I’ve worked with over 200 clients across 53 countries, and I’ve been told (by one of my clients) that I’m the kind of woman who goes for the cake, and eats it, too. Coming more deeply into my earning power has taken years.

But it wasn't easy in the beginning.
It actually all started from a dark place.


We coasted into a gas station in southern Mississippi — the gas gauge below E, with no money to fill up, our credit cards maxed out, and our sweet new son in his car seat. We still had at least 100 miles left to drive until we reached our destination in Louisiana.

How did I get here? I felt rage. Then, despair and self-pity.

"You did this to yourself, again. You’re a mom now, Jillian, get your sh*t together."

My mind replayed the events of the night before...

We were exhausted when we pulled into the hotel parking lot, after driving for nine hours. I knew that the cost of a night at that hotel was more than I had to spend, but I reluctantly handed the woman my card and paid for the room anyway, hoping, with anxiety, that there would be more money in my account the next morning.

Another voice in my head tried to soothe my fears:  Why shouldn't my life be easy? Why shouldn't I have what I want? Why shouldn’t I have this option, right now?

So there we were, the next morning, stuck at a gas station with no money, in Mississippi — with our tiny new child.

That wasn't the only occasion I hated myself, and money.

But honestly?


I was failing myself.

I was waiting and hoping for money to arrive in my life, but I was not actively creating that money.

I didn’t think it was OKAY to want more, and to want a better life.

I had a desire for financial wellbeing, but I had one foot on the brake, all the time.

I was reading all the books — trying to manifest my way out.

I was attempting to un-do a childhood of religious programming that said: it’s holy to wander barefoot and not want anything.

I was attempting to reverse childhood patterns on my own, without any outside help.

The experience of not being supported by money (and supported in general), was so deep in my every cell, that I needed to go deeper than the books could take me.


My rock bottom was that day in Mississippi.

That was the day I declared that I would NEVER be in that situation again. That was the day I told God / Source / Universe, “I’ll do whatever you want me to do, here. I NEED to do better for my son.”

I knew that beyond surviving, was this thing called THRIVING, and I knew I was meant for that.

I had a big vision and I knew that not healing my relationship with money meant I would never experience the joy, freedom, and creativity I knew was available to me.

When I finally hit my rock bottom, stranded in Mississippi, the steps started to present themselves to me. A little over four years later, I'm now running a six-figure business that has allowed me to write the rules of how I work, how I play, how I serve, and how I create.


I believe your business is your ticket to incredible freedom, and a pathway to living a fulfilling, satisfying, and abundant life.

And I want you to know, that you can create what you want. It's just going to require some deep healing, and a new level of commitment to yourself. 

It took me four years to figure out how to make my income as an entrepreneur, sustainable, and I’m passionate about helping you create even better results, in far less time.

I wasn't always able to support myself, and my vision, in the way that I wanted. 

In 2014, when my son was born, I chose to dial it back at my spa job, and that left me with very little income. 

Choosing what I wanted to do (spend as much time with my son as possible) over my income, put me into some deeply challenging moments — moments that led to a complete rebirth of the way that I live, work, and make money.


I realized it’s no one’s responsibility to care for my desires.
It’s my own.

At the core of this transformation I had with money, was a transformation I had with my creative power. 

I’ve now created a business that works for me, as an introverted mother of one. And I’m continuously embracing what growth, expansion, and abundance is to me.

It’s my passion to help you do the same. I’ve helped hundreds of Soul-guided women redefine their relationship to money, and how they earn it.


I’m here to help you archive your old story, and write a new one. To show you how to create the freedom and the creative fulfillment you envision for yourself.


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Big Love,


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Some of my accomplishments in creativity and business are:


+ Strategizing successful five-figure launches for my clients and my own business (to email lists with under 2,000 subscribers)

+ Consistently hitting publish (even when I’m afraid).

+ Writing a kick-ass book proposal that got the attention of my top agent within 48 hours of sending the query

+ Co-facilitating IGNITE the Retreat in Tulum, Mexico with Anastasia Holland

+ Helping my dozens of 1:1 clients write sales copy, and promotional material, from their hearts to attract their soulmate clients and readers

+ Having an intimate and amazing team that supports me in my creativity and business growth

+ Connecting with people I admire and consistently re-discovering that we’re all just humans looking for Love,  Expression, and Fulfillment.


Beyond the metrics and the milestones...


The biggest blessing?

I get to spend more time with my son than the average working parent. I get to enjoy slow mornings with my people. I get to have mid-day, mid-week, picnics in the forest.

I can travel freely to beautiful places that inspire me. I get to spend my time writing and serving other women who want to create the same kind of fulfillment and freedom in their lives.

All the numbers can’t add up to the feeling of space that I have created in my chest, by addressing my own operating patterns around work, and money.

I have done (and am still doing) the work, so that I can live and serve better. The work that I have done, has allowed me to create an earning potential that feels unlimited, and a life that feels deeply aligned with my values.


My desires no longer create pain for me, they actually create abundance and opportunities for others. And yours can, too.


Are you ready for this, too?

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how to create money and meaningful opportunities through the science of your orgasmic nature:

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