On Growing a Readership + Finding Your Voice Online: How to Show Up as the Full Spectrum YOU (and Get Published and Paid While You're at It).


At the end of my very first blog post, written in 2013, I signed with the name: Jillian Anjali. It was a name I first heard in meditation out in Seattle, in the midst of a full blown awakening.

When I received that name I was no longer who I was before I received that name.

Eye wide open (not a typo). Sensitive. Like a newborn. My father, who is catholic, would call this my ‘conversion’ to the faith. And it was. I had remembered the truth of my eternal and limitless nature.

When I came back to the East coast after that awakening (‘cause life is a constant unfolding awakening if you’re down for it), I lost everyone in my life at once. I left a relationship. And I lost most of my childhood friends in the process.

I was suddenly alone with all of the transformation, so naturally, I started to look for the others.

Where did I look?


It was 2011 and it was a fresh start — one I needed in order to radically shift identities. Everything I wrote online, in the beginning, was so flowery and what I’ll refer to as ‘spiritual speak’, with little prayer hands trailing behind every last sentence.

Was I was expressing my state of consciousness? I’m not sure, but I was connecting with the others.

A few years later, following the birth of my first child (G), I started the blog.

Getting online with my work meant — you know putting my best foot forward, which was, again, demonstrated by all the spiritual speak and the name that was not really my name.

It’s important for you to know, that I didn’t normally talk spiritual speak to the people I was standing in front of, in person. Like, I never really said, ‘sister’ or ‘brother’ or ‘namaste’ or...

I know, I know. It’s interesting to reflect on.


How do you show up as YOU online? And not just some shiny prepared version of You, but like, the true full-spectrum range of You?

Today, five + years after starting the blog, I write like I talk.

Five years ago, someone reading all my flowery writing, was getting a different impression of who I was, than someone who reads my stuff now.

And here’s where I want to dig in, because here’s where it gets interesting...

I don’t think I could have showed up, writing as I speak, from the start, unless I was heavily coached to do so.

And even if I was heavily coached to do so, I think I still would have gone through what I will refer to as ‘the unveiling of Self online’.

I think the same is true for You. You’re in a process.


Scary, huh? You could be exposed! They might discover you’re actually not all that good at what you think you’re good at! You publish something on the internet and, surprise, everyone can find it and read it. It’s all out here, waiting to be seen.

Exhilarating? Fun? Terrifying? Terrifying.

Unless of course you’re solid and grounded in your own perception of self.

But if you’re not? Good luck out here. Good. Luck.

You WILL go through your own unveiling of the Self here, though. Your unveiling might have a different feel and timeline than mine, but there is a process of getting comfortable, getting confident, and finding/honing your voice that comes with the territory.

Here’s another thing: it takes being out here, to BE out here, while simultaneously being safe. You can’t create the experience of being safe in your self-expression while you’re on the sidelines. You. Just. Can’t.

I had to go through the unveiling. Because I wasn’t comfortable being seen or heard. Not yet. I could only show a slice of myself back then. And I showed the pure-hearted slice. The super-connected-to-the-God-force slice. The angelic slice.

But that’s not all of me. I couldn’t let full spectrum me be seen yet, because I had to…


So how do you do it? This UNVEILING OF THE SOUL ONLINE? This revealing of yourSelf?

There’s only one way and it’s this: Show up today and write/share something.

Then, show up the tomorrow, and write/share something else.

Big Love,




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Can Self-Love Bring You the Dream Life, the Abundance, the [Insert Whatever You Want Here] ?


Self-Love: it’s kinda vague, is it not?

When you think of SELF-LOVE, what immediately comes to mind? Do you imagine giving yourself a big hug? Do you imagine looking into the eyes of your inner child and affirming her Spirit? What do you imagine? Just think about it for a sec before we move on.

Now that that’s done, I want you to call to your mind an area of your life you’re looking to experience transformation in. Go ahead, bring it forward.

Maybe it’s your business. Maybe your money. Maybe it’s relationship. Who knows, maybe you’re looking to transform the state of your kitchen sink in the mornings, like I am. Whatever it is, bring it to the front of your mind. Got it?

Okay… Now…


What would shift, if you stopped trying to self-love your way there, and instead, you just started RESPECTING YOURSELF DEEPLY NOW?

Really, what would shift if you saw yourself head held high, shoulders back, heart open and in the area of your life where you’re looking to experience transformation you felt a deep sense of unwavering RESPECT?

The kind of self-respect that only comes from needing zero external validation, not from a person, or a result, or an achievement — nothing. The kind of self-respect that commands incredible and immeasurable shifts.

Years ago, when I was studying for my 200 hour yoga teacher certification, I came across the quote, “Respect is love in plain clothes.” I still don’t know who said that, but what I do know is that it has stuck with me, and has changed everything for me.

In an instant, I realized a) that I didn’t have deep respect for someone I claimed to Love and b) I didn’t have deep respect for myself in SO many areas of my life. Instead, I had deep shame, and a consistent practice of self-criticism.

So, I decided to try it on.

Where in my life, could I start to deeply respect myself? And what would that change?

Then the other day, I was thinking about money stuff, and how about I can get into a loop of ‘not there yet’ or ‘not enough yet’ if I am not conscious of it. You know, NOT self-respect.

But the habit of shaming myself for not being ‘there yet’ or ‘good enough yet’ is a habit that developed long before I had any relationship with money, or making money, or business even.

The habit of shaming myself for not being ‘there yet’ goes all the way back through high school, middle school, elementary school, and back back back, all the way back to… life as a small child, you know?

I get hints of where it stemmed from now that I am a parent, too.

In the moments when I expect my son (who is five at the time of writing this one) not to pee his pants anymore, once and for all, for good, and I carry the energy of, “you should be farther along now.” or “you should have this down by now” what I am ultimately saying to him is… you are not there yet, and you don’t deserve love and respect in this area of your life, yet.

Even though I would NEVER say those words to him, my ENERGY communicates. Everyone’s energy does. And of course, my parents, and your parents, and society in general has no doubt communicated all kinds of shame into you.

Back to self-love, and the vagueness that doesn’t prompt an automatic awareness of where you need to shift...

Try instead, turning to self-respect, and asking yourself:

  • where I am I not respecting myself right now?

  • where could I respect myself more right now?

  • what area of my life am I ready to transform? Is there a lack of self-respect going on there?

And then commit to shifting it, moment by moment, day by day, until you’re in that place of self-respect, and your world, your Universe, is organizing around you and around that.

Big Love,



You + Me. 12 Months. $7.

I just announced The Author Circle, a 9 month high-level mentorship experience for badass women who’re building their dream writing career (email me at hellol@jillian-anderson.com or DM me on Instagram for details). 

It includes an exclusive Author Circle event in Tulum and it’s going to be so. much. fun. that I can’t even contain myself. 

Visualize hanging with a tight knit circle of women who’re getting featured left and right and writing their BEST content (whether it’s for social, the blog, or a book), for 9 whole months! 

Now, the Author Circle is not $7, ‘cause that’d be unbelievable and even absurd... 

But here’s what IS $7...

I knew in my heart, as I was writing out the Author Circle, that if I was going to run and lead this group of badass women, that I would need to level up NOW. THIS VERY MOMENT. 

Basically, I needed to claim AUTHOR and claim it for real! 

You may not know this about me (or maybe you do), but I’ve been writing books and pushing them to the back of the drawer (aka the book graveyard of my computer) for YEARS. 

It’s not the talent, skill, or devotion that I lack, it’s the accountability. 

Apparently, being accountable to myself is not worth as much as being accountable to YOU! I don't exactly know WHY this is, but it's proven itself true for me again and again. 

So, I decided to set up a fool-proof way for me to not only finish this current book project, but to publish it, for you first, and then for everyone else out there in the world I can get it to.

Before I tell you more, I’ll tell you that this book is for women who’re ready to THRIVE in their closest relationship(s) AND their financial lives. #itsbothand

What’s inside this book? 

Well, the working title is The Vital Mother, and so far there are insights and stories I wish I would have heard/read/known BEFORE a) getting married and b) becoming a mother 

I was truly delusional about:

+ what marriage actually was
+ what motherhood would be
+ what changes motherhood would make to my financial life

And these things affected, well, everything.

I want to help women thrive creatively, and financially, while being the women and mothers they want to be. That's the mission.

So, here’s how it works: 

Each month, for the next 12 months, I’m going to deliver to YOU a completely finished and edited chapter of my book. Alongside each chapter, you'll find some really LIT journal prompts to help you powerfully integrate the insights and material.

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Because you will receive just one chapter per month, you’ll get to go super deep with the material. AND, as an early supporter you'll get the forthcoming accompanying transformational program for FREE when it goes LIVE (it'll be priced between $197-$997).

YES, You heard that right!

Now, I know you care less about the details and more about what this book and offering can do for you, so let me tell you about that part:

I TRULY HAVE NO CLUE ASIDE FROM THE FACT THAT I KNOW IT'LL OPEN YOUR MIND TO NEW INSIGHTS AND REALIZATIONS around relationships, motherhood, creative fulfillment, and money. 

I can’t 100% know where this is going and where this material is going to take you (or me)! Even if I knew, I would be hesitant to tell you, because the writing usually reveals where IT wants to go, and my job is to allow THAT!

I CAN say that this book will help you:

1. take responsibility
2. become aware of things you were not aware of
3. take inspired action
4. create your personal micro Universe of SUPPORT + next-level abundance 
5. and get you going on living your best life ('cause that's what I'm all about all the time) 

More than anything, this offering is a sacred and mysterious exchange...

If you feel excited in your body, and expansion in your heart, and any kinda YES that indicates this writing is going to SERVE YOU and NOURISH YOU and SHIFT YOU (or if you just love me and want to support me), then by all means, click this button right here and get yourself signed right up: https://sowl.co/AvdOt

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Big Love,



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Conscious Parenting + Healing Your Lineage with Tamara Iglesias of Welly Nest [A Special Guest Video Interview]


Holy wow! I recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk directly with Tamara Iglesias of Welly Nest on the subject of Conscious Parenting and Motherhood and let me tell you: this woman is a true powerhouse. 


Tamara Iglesias is the Founder of Wellynest, a conscious parenting company, dedicated to raising whole beings from the very beginning. Coaching mothers and fathers alike, Tamara helps empower families to live happy and nourished lives.

Tamara’s mission is to shift the way we raise our children by bringing the awareness of self into the parenting journey. As parents, when we heal ourselves, we can heal our children and ultimately heal the world. Consciously parenting from a place of respect, cultivating deep trust and creating healthy boundaries is essential. When parents are supported on their own healing journey as well as supported and inspired to use conscious words, act with intention and slow down to spend quality time, children can development into fully-realized, emotionally healthy adults, allowing the entire family to thrive.

I was introduced to Tamara through a friend, Jana Roemer, and knew immediately I wanted to connect with her, and share her wisdom with you.


In the following special guest video interview with Tamara you will hear an insightful conversation about what it means to parent with consciousness (hint: it has more to do with YOUR healing than anything else).

This conversation is for you whether you’re already a parent, or planning on becoming a parent in the future.

We cover:

+ How parenting can be easy (I know, I know — you just need to listen)

+ How Tamara got started on her Conscious Parenting Coach journey

+ Parenting as our greatest opportunity to EVOLVE

+ Children as mirrors / deepest reflections of us

+ Maternal lineage healing through conscious parenting

+ “It’s not fair I don’t want to do this work” vs. “What a gift that I get to do this for my lineage”.

And so much more! Watch the full video below:

To learn more about Tamara Iglesias and her work over at Welly Nest, use the links below:

Welly Nest on Instagram

Welly Nest Website

Tamara’s 8 Week Virtual Conscious Parenting Course (with LIVE Coaching).

And if you liked this video interview, be sure to let Tamara and I know that you tuned in, by tagging us on Instagram, and sharing this with a Soul-Sister who might need to hear it.

Big Love,



Go From Overwhelmed to On-Point with Your Purpose Work with the Deeply Supported Mother Workbook


If you want to:

  • identify what needs to come off your plate NOW

  • map (and start to magnetize) your ideal support system with one of my favorite exercises (SO YOU CAN SHIFT INTO TRULY THRIVING)

  • get instant insight on doing work and motherhood on your own terms 

  • take the next-level action steps you’ve been avoiding

Then, this is for you. Download it below for instant access.